Artist Statement

AS AN ARTIST, I am influenced by the converging environments around me, whether it be the richness of nature, the beauty created by endeavors of the human mind, or the architectural destruction and human wreckage of war.

In my present works I use linen, sand and acrylic on canvas, often utilizing a limited vocabulary, mixed media collages, works on paper, and stone, metal, and clay. With these materials, I strive to describe the passages that one’s journey through life takes.

Recently, due to visits to both my childhood home of divided Berlin and New York City, I have found inspiration in mass transit, rekindling youthful memories of traveling on a network of train tracks that stretch throughout Germany.

At this time in my youth, I was fascinated that a man using simple manual labor could change the direction of the tracks, and thus the route my journey would take. I strive to express how a life journey much resembles such travels.

Self taught, my works have been exhibited for years in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York City galleries and have entered worldwide collections.